My Parlor

We’ve had some adventures lately. Also, I ran into this sign, and I felt like I should share it with you. Even though I would never say anything like that to my kids. Isn’t social media fun? I think so.


Also, social media is very disturbing. Look at this face swap Maile did with her bunny. Doesn’t it make you never want to look at my blog again? It makes me never want to look at that photo again.

Once, I was about to go to the beach with the girls, and my neighbor (who redoes furniture) was having a big I’m-moving-and-I-have-a-lot-of-furniture sale. I meandered around this couch for awhile. Then I brought Maile in on it. Then I bought them. Matt was out of town so I had to ask him very nicely to go pick up our new couch on his way in.:)

Ahh, but then there is my Parlor, all new and waiting for you all to come visit. Not really. I just want to sit in it by myself. But, everyone likes it. Even Dot. Even though at first they thought I was super weird for buying the two for $65 from my neighbor. I know they’re kinda ugly. But, I see some possibility in them.

Also, who doesn’t want a parlor? Do you know what you do in a parlor? Just visit. And read. And rest. No tv. No phones. No electronic devices. Just people and words and rest. You should try it. It makes for a great time.

Anyone ever seen anything like these before? Any guesses on how old they are?

Okay, I have more to tell you but I have to go to bed. You see, I’m on this 5 day clean eating plan and that means I’m skipping the old ice cream and wine habit. So, I have to go to sleep. Good night. I’ll be back later.

You’ve Got This

  You need to at some point as a mature adult (as someone who wants to reach the next level of consciousness in your life) to decide to bring a little bit more emotional peace, mindfulness, conscious will about the emotions you’re experiencing each day…

If you’re constantly finding yourself in a panic…you need to decide that you want a character that is stronger than that. To stand strong. Make it a goal to have character development.

Purposefully decide to deal with chaos from a good place. Meet the demands of the time, the moment from a place of peace and strength and joy…from a good place….from an emotional state that is going to service in the situation…that you have chosen. You get to choose the energy and joy you generate.

That old ethic that came from stoicism…you are the commander of your own attitude. You are the one that stands true and solid in the moments that matter. –Brendon Burchard

That’s right. I’m challenging us all today. To a deeper, more extraordinary life. After all, I just had a birthday, and I’m always feeling reflective around there. There is a story of place that I haven’t told on the blog that I’m thinking of sharing with you. I was able to share it with some good folks at Hendricks Avenue Baptist Church in Florida on our road trip.

But for tonight, holding some heavy things around here, I’m sensing the need for character…you know the kind…deep down stuff…digging deep. You need it too. Some emotional maturity and the fight to be objective about your own life….it’s something we are desperate for in this culture. Drama is tired.

Let us rise up together. It’s not a long life after all. Why not go for extraordinary?

“Nothing that is worth doing can be achieved in our lifetime; therefore we must be saved by hope. Nothing with is true or beautiful or good makes complete sense in any immediate context of history; therefore we must be saved by faith. Nothing we do, however virtuous, can be accomplished alone; therefore we are saved by love. No virtuous act is quite as virtuous from the standpoint of our friend or foe as it is from our standpoint. Therefore we must be saved by the final form of love, which is forgiveness.” –Reinhold Niebuhr

Road trip part 2


   Yay for another road trip stop!!! If you are passing through New Orleans (or close enough to stop) with your family….here is your to do list:
1. Get some beignets and coffee. 

2. Walk around. Watch a magic show.

3. See NOLA through the kids eyes….they keep commenting on smells…

4. Go in St. Louis Cathedral. Sit down and breathe. 

5. Walk down Bourbon St. Educate carefully. 

6. Have some lunch at Pat O’Briens. Wait for a good table and then be thankful you’re not in the rain when it starts.

7. Walk in the rain. You won’t melt. 

8. Buy an alligator egg. Stop and listen to the saxophone solo. 

9. Answer lots of questions from the kids about life and differences and culture. 

10. Watch the making of pralines. Taste them. 

11. Get in your car thankful and drippy from the rain.


What’s Up Beaches

This is why we drove all night. So we could have this day. I love this place and I love these people.

Also I wasn’t really following fish. It’s just that a fish truck was in front of me.

We spent the day at the beach and it was Matt’s birthday so we let him choose the restaurant…fish is what he wanted…so it’s good that we were at the beach.


 I  recommend Two Dudes Seafood if you happen to be in Jacksonville. It  was yummy. It’s cozy in there and they have the fresh catch of the day. My fish was grilled with jalapeƱo crusted with a cream sauce. It had grilled veggies with it…delicious and nutritious! Everyone was friendly and all of us were satisfied!

More about the reason for being in

this place tomorrow.


VLOG attempt and Following Fish

   I’m following fish!!! I’ve never VLOGed before…what do you think? We are at Bucees, and then we stopped at 2am at a  gas station in Gross Tete, LA. None of us knew how to pronounce that. Now I’m following fish. Really. And I win the prize for not driving as long as this guy. Speaking of Matt…it’s his birthday! 
  There are a lot of trees in Alabama and Mississippi and Florida. A lot. 

Road Trip

  Hey! We are getting on the road! Everyone hid in this pic except Anna. Come on a trip with us! Our destination is Flo-rida!! 

Okay, one of the girls already told me that it’s Florida with a smirk so I don’t need any sass from you. 

I’m not sure where we are stopping first but I hope it involves food because everyone in here claims to be starving

Yay for Spring Break!

Yay for book events!

Yay for older kids who pack themselves!

Yay for blogathons! 

Also if you’re in Florida you could come here me speak maybe! Wednesday night I’ll be speaking at Hendricks Avenue Baptist Church! And I’ll be signing books! 

Stay tuned….