Not ready for the top step…

The two little tow heads bobbed around the barn enough to make their mothers aware of their wanderings. “Let’s go to the steps!” commands the four-year-old. The two-year-old nods obligingly. She is happy to follow her  cousin around. They climb up and down again and again the steps used by shorter folks to mount a horse. Barn dirt is now sticking to the nose of the two-year-old. “Let’s jump off the steps!” another command shouted from the four-year-old. She jumps first with the littler one close behind her. This one teeters on the edge unsure of the result of jumping. “Go!” encourages the older one. This is when I turned around and gave my obligatory, “Be careful.” “I’ll help her!” the four-year-old says as she grabs the little ones legs and ‘helps’ her jump. Thump! The little one lands on her rump and says, “Ow!” with a frown. “You aren’t supposed to help someone jump,” I say, “People have to jump off themselves!” “No, Mom,” she replies a little too confident, “She’s just not ready for the top step.”

I wasn’t counting on a reflective moment there in that dusty barn, but my little one and my niece gave me one. Working out in my mind how to make this blog work is a jump for me. I write mostly curriculum on a contract basis. I love creative writing, but I need some discipline. I don’t know if I’m ready for the top step, but I am jumping. I might land on my rump, but that is a risk I am willing to take.

© Copyright 2011 alwayssimplybegin | Katie Sciba.


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