She’s old. She walks like she’s old. She’s a little musty. Her breath will give you pause.

Her eyes are  cloudy. Her colors have faded quite a bit.

In fact, she’s pretty much white all over. Her claws are gnarly.

She’s arthritic. She has allergies. Her stomach has never been great.


Tater is the best dog. Ever.

We left her with my brother-in-law for five years while we had an overseas adventure life for a bit.

And then we got her back. Thank you Clay and Mattea.

Maybe we missed her best years, but…

Tater still fetches. Pretty much any stick you or she can find. Plus she likes tennis balls. A lot.

She faithfully takes turns each night sleeping with one of our four daughters (perhaps begrudgingly at times).

And when we are sad, and I mean really sad or just a little sad, she knows. When we are sick, she knows.

She stays right beside whoever it is that is ailing emotionally or physically no matter what. I guess that’s her job.

So we pet her and give her carrots (the only treat she’ll eat…I know…weird) and overlook her breath and her sour stomach.

And hope for a few more years with our compassionate, faithful pet.

© Copyright 2011 alwayssimplybegin | Katie Sciba. All Rights Reserved.


14 thoughts on “Tater

  1. Oh my goodness Katie, I remember Tater. How old is she now?

    Do you remember when Keith and I kept her for you guys once in Waco? She didn’t really like Keith very much, so she pooped in his shoe. It was the funniest thing I have ever seen.

    Our dog also loves carrots. She comes running if she hears us get the peeler out of the kitchen drawer.

    Give Tater a pat on the head from me. Very sweet blog!


  2. Michelle,

    Tater is 13 years old. I do remember you keeping her, but I’m sure I blocked out the rest because of embarrassment. 🙂 I will definitely give her a pat from you. She’s in the middle of her morning nap which is followed by her afternoon nap.

    Hope you all are well on the other side of the pond!

    Take care,

  3. Katie,

    You have such a way with words. Your posts make me envision what you see and how you feel and evoke emotions whether it be a tear or a smile. I enjoy reading these posts.


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