Lent and Rodeo

I’ve been pondering if I will give up anything for Lent. I have given up many things during past Lenten seasons. Last year I decided to do a kind deed for someone every week. That was good as well and at times more difficult. I am always amazed at my mind and how immature it is. What ever I have sacrificed is at times all I can think of. I try to use that too to turn my thoughts on Jesus and his sacrifice, but I fail at that too. In my prayers I have been preparing for this Lenten season. What can God teach me through this season? 

In our family we are also preparing for the first rodeo of the season. My daughters complete in a junior rodeo series. Daughter #1 and Daughter #2 are in it to win it this year. The two little ones are in it to enjoy the experience as beginners. The two older ones come at it very differently. They both practice and work hard. They are both very good riders. They both have good technique. They both take it seriously. They both respect their horses ability and hard work.

However, Daughter #1 displays caution and careful technique. She is trying hard to overcome a fear of falling or failing or both. Daughter #2 likes to do things right too, but, boy howdy, she likes to go fast…really fast. Both of them want to do well and take their skill and experience to a higher level this year.

I guess we all come to the 40th day before Easter differently. If you took time to read this, you are at least interested in Lent. Perhaps we all want to practice and work hard at our faith. Maybe some us have good techniques that help us in grasping the meaning of Christ’s sacrifice for us. I may not understand it well, but I am serious about this Jesus mystery. Maybe you like to move swiftly in your faith journey and think you don’t have time for all this Lent mumbo-jumbo. I display caution and I have always wanted to do faith “the right way.” This is a layer God has been peeling off of me for 15 years. 

I continued to mull around Lenten journey around in the car this morning. Thanks to the radio or John Mayer or (Tom Petty originally),  I was inspired. I have decided to free fall into Lent. I know I’m definitely putting my own meaning on those lyrics, but it hit me as I was singing that I could really open my heart during this season. I’m going to try to gently lay down my caution and just fall into the sacrifice of Jesus. But this is not about a fall into nothing. It’s time in this moment to let my eyes leave this world for a while and turn to focus on the Savior. I know I am held up by grace. And, God desires for all of us in our relationship with God to go to greater depths this year.

What will the Lenten season hold for you?

© Copyright 2011 alwayssimplybegin | Katie Sciba.


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