Multitudes on Mondays

Taking some time away this week I decided to include our girls in this exercise of gratefulness. We give thanks this day to God for:

26. Smiles, frowns, and looks of disbelief as my crew ran through the grocery store with squeals and laughter this afternoon
27. From Daughter #2: for Grandma
28. From Daughter #1: for God and all He created
29. From Daughter #3: for water
30. From Daughter #4: doggies
31. Prayers lifted around the world for the people of Japan
32. Writing deadlines that push
33. A husband’s birthday
34. God’s mercy never coming to an end
35. A good day for my mom
36. Conversation with a big sister
37. Scooby Doo meets Batman
38. Psalm 40
39. Snuggling in blankets watching the sun set
40. Sisters including each other


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