Simply beautiful is coming home after being gone. 

I offer my thanks to God for these wonderful blessings of having daughters:

  • Running steps down the hall at the sound of my hand sliding the glass door open
  • Piles of shoes by the door: sparkly flip-flops, dirty tennis shoes, boots with horse manure stuck to the bottom, and a lone white sandal I know has been there since Sunday afternoon
  • “Mooooommmmmmm, I need jeans….”
  • Inhaling the smell of soft, sweet hair on the head of the littlest
  • Surprising tears of greeting from my big girl as I hug her tight
  • Feet jumping up and down on beds
  • Papers to sign for school….lots and lots of them
  • Matching socks, folding underwear, tiny pj’s
  • Laughter in every room at times and fighting in every room at times
  • Bright colors and soft colors everywhere
  • Never knowing where a hairbrush is
  • Always finding hair-ties (under beds, in couches, on counters, in laundry rooms, in my pocket)
  • Imagining the wonderful mothers, workers, women they will be
  • Kissing their softy cheeks as they run out in a race against the mean old tardy bell

May God bless all of our daughters. What a gift they are.


4 thoughts on “Daughters…

  1. Glad your return home was such a welcome and familar one. Thanks for sharing of yourself in this unique way and with me on our trip. I am richer for the experience.


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