More than….

Life has to be more than this, right? More than consumerism, materialism, the house, the car(s), the stuff, the adventure, the travel.

Discontentment is an old enemy of mine. We play games together at times. About life, work, family, places. Maybe it’s generational. But I don’t think so.

How can I in one moment feel pride looking at that old car and then in the next wish for a newer one?

We eat, we work, we rest, we play, we eat, we work, we rest, we play. We worship. We shop, we run, we love, we cry, we thank, we bathe, we gripe. Where is it?

Where do you find life? It’s in that rhythm somewhere. The pattern. The bread breaking. The worship. It doesn’t seem to be in the hurry, the gripe or the shopping. Maybe you find it in the pain and sorrow. When things get ugly, I’m never thinking about my stuff.

Where is it? I fumble through. I push everything else away. I feel like I’m in a musty old closet. Why I am always looking for more than I have? More stuff, more meaning, more adventure, more faith, more knowledge, more shoes, more money.

Perhaps you disagree. Discontentment can motivate. It can make you work hard and climb ladders. Nothing wrong with working hard or success.

Perhaps the big D is not my enemy after all. I see now how God has used it as a honing process. I see now that first half of life has to be about gathering, growing, succeeding.

The message I am getting now is about losing. Peeling away. Letting Go. Descending. Less than.

Everything I need is already here. Thanks be to God.

What will you let go of today?


9 thoughts on “More than….

  1. Thanks for your thoughts Katie… I have felt many of the same feelings- especially over the past 6 months in losing a brother and an aunt. Stuff doesn’t matter. Money doesn’t matter. What matters is our time and how we use it. I appreciate your articulation… because I hadn’t found the words yet. Will be reading more.

  2. Discontentment is that dark cloud that tries to follow me everywhere. Huge battle but the resurrection points me to what’s ahead, what’s really true and important. Great post and very important. Thanks for sharing and blessings on your day!

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