Monday Offerings

I finished Ann Voskamp’s book this weekend while watching my kids play with friends at our family bayhouse. Their squeals and splashing only expanded my thankfulness. I took a single kayak out across the bay after I finished the book, and thanks poured out of me in one word offerings. (#90-107) Paddles, conversations, mercy, church, emotions, waves, jobs, salt, wings, mothers, fins, reeds, clay, sorrow, daughters, refining, rashes, character, etc. Over and over as I paddled, the offerings kept coming.  It was flowing out of me, and then I was laughing by myself in the middle of the bay. I liked being a foolish thanks-giver. It is beautiful to see the never-ending opportunity I have for offering thanks.

I was overwhelmed by Ann’s revelation about the love that God has for all of us. At the end I was full of joy. I am grateful that she has shared her experience of love and grace with the world. I am grateful to all of you reading this that you allow me to share my story and stories with you. I offer my thanks to you and now to God:

108. Dale’s hands (piano player at church) moving across the keys making praise

109. Bayhouse time

110. Splashing, salty water

111. Banana pudding

112. Fondue party with our small group

113. a kayak paddle moving through the water

114. projects finished

115. good sleep

116. dimples in the little one’s grin

117. blue and green paint on Kindergarten hands

118. Mom enjoying church for the first time in a long while

119. Garden growing

120. Joy

121. String cheese

122. Clean dogs

123. Forgiveness

124. New friends from Kenya

All seems small, but this is it. I don’t want to miss any of it. You shouldn’t miss it either.


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