It’s a Boy!

Please welcome our newest addition:

Charlie is his name. We’ve never had a boy here except my husband. It was time. Charlie is really growing on us. I didn’t know how owning a guinea pig would work out, but he’s actually a lot of fun.

At times I doubt whether this was a wise idea. You see, Charlie is very popular with everyone in the fam. For different reasons.

So far, so good.

By the way, we tend to address Charlie with a British accent. I think it’s Youtube’s fault. Occasionally, one girl or another will bust out (British accent full on) with, “Charlie bit my finger! That hurt Charlie!” but, he’s never bit us. Just nibbled my knee once. That’s all the family news for now.

Charlie is going on a trip with us this weekend. I keep you posted.


3 thoughts on “It’s a Boy!

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