A Wednesday Prayer

In the midst of chaos, let there be Peace.

In the low of the low point, let there be Hope.

In the jumping for joy, let there be Memory.

In the daily grind, let there be Gentleness.

In the selfishness of the mind, let there be clarity of Humility.

In the free or unfree, let there be a choosing of You.

In the hungry, let there be Filling.

In the thirsty, let there be Quenching.

In our offerings, let there be Sincerity.

In the comparing, let there be the Comforter.

In the discontented, let there be Hands Open.

In the grudges and bitter, let there be LOVE.

In Christ Jesus, let there be Trust.

Amen and amen.



3 thoughts on “A Wednesday Prayer

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