Wanderlust, Wakes, and Winding Roads

Yes, I am one of those. I have wanderlust. I have to keep it at bay. Sometimes it’s gone, and I snuggle deep into stability and enjoy it. And then, I feel the familiar itch on my feet. I love to travel. Discover. Adventure. Fun-Plan.

I used to live a life filled with travel, and I have to admit that it lost it’s luster at times. Not so exotic if you don’t feel the strength of the home-base to go back to.

I am still able to travel quite a bit, and we look for ways to take trips on a budget. For the past two summers, we have taken family camping trips to national parks. These trips involved a lot of driving, tent-sleeping, limited hygiene, and breath-taking views. Adventure galore. Loved it. Soaked it up. Sponge.

We have spent some time at a family bayhouse this month already, and we are taking a trip this week. It’s going to be a bit different this year. No tent-camping. But, I’ll get to that later.

I took a writing break while at the bayhouse (=no blog posts), and I have missed it. At the bayhouse, I went down to the dock to help kids get on the boat for a ride with their uncle. As I saw how many little ones were getting on, I decided to hop on too. “Just a short ride,huh?” I said to my brother-in-law at the wheel. He grinned and nodded. We take off with four adults and seven kids. My sister-in-law and I had to sit in the back to distribute the weight evenly. We laughed as we took turns getting soaked as the boat turned and the waves salted us well.

With all the kids safely sitting, I turned my head to the back of the boat. I watched the wake thoughtfully. Wakes are exciting. You’re going somewhere. Moving on. Letting go. But, what is it about my generation that is always so ready to move on? Is it just me? Are you looking for the upgrade?

Change comes, like it or not. I pray for it. We pray together in our church for transformation! Wait a minute, I said wanderlust, adventure, excitement! Do I really want to be transformed? I get sprayed in the eyes. I see my sister-in-law’s eyes twinkling as I wipe my face. “You’re turn’s comin’!” I yell. She laughs.

A tune plays in my head, and thanks to Sheryl, I hum that every day is, indeed, a winding road. The pre-teen journey we are beginning with our oldest is definitely an adventurous, winding road.  I have no idea what will happen or the outcome of her life, but I have great hopes.

I am grateful for the experiences we have had and places we have been a part of, and I bless them all in the wake. I see Jesus holding out his hand, and I take it and feel strength and comfort.  I look ahead to more journeys, adventures, and trust God that contentment is a discipline and give thanks.

We land at Sand Point and play with hermit crabs for just a bit. Everyone loads back up, and we turn the boat around  to head back. Still in the ocean, the boat engine dies. I hear my two brother-in-laws discuss what could be wrong. Everyone is still happy, and both men bust a gut trying to get the fuel filter off to check it. No go. It is not coming off. The engine starts again, and we go for a while. I’m getting a different perspective on the wake. We make it back into the bay before it dies again.  I look around. No one has a phone. Half a bottle of water that is filled with kid germs by now. Well, now. The engine started again and we roll on for a while. I delight in hearing the kids scream, “Yay!!!” when the boat starts and “Aw!” when it dies.

We can see the bayhouse now, but it is still pretty far away. We discuss jumping in to swim the boat in.  The wind is blowing us in the right direction, and we decide the wind is as fast as we would be. We all move up front, and I lay down. My brother-in-law holds up his life jacket for a sorry sail. It doesn’t really help, but it is pretty funny. We are moving faster thanks to the wind. Eventually, we reach the dock. The kids hop off or are hauled out depending on age, and we fuss about all the folks playing washers and sitting in chairs watching us drift in. Uncles and others ask me what happened as I walk by, and I mumble out with my brother-in-law’s opinions including “running rich” and “carburetor issues.”

It was fun and a reflective time for me. I dry off and unbuckle many small life jacket clips and catch laughter from the dock. I look down, and five men are around the boat all chuckling.

We were out of gas.


2 thoughts on “Wanderlust, Wakes, and Winding Roads

  1. That’s so funny! I’m sure it wasn’t at the time. I get that way too, busy doing really good things and then all the sudden nothing seems to be going right and it’s because I’m “out of gas.”

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