Come and Rest

Immersed in back-to-school prep for four lovely little ladies, I am wore (Texas word!) out. School has got to start soon because I’m sure everything will slow down then. NOT. Ah, well, we must find rest.

I invite you this day to take a load off. Rest. Sabbath. Break. Pull away from work. Breathe. Worship God. This is a good plan. The best plan.

Another plan I have is to start blogging again. 🙂 My hope is that God will use this blog to invite us all into his presence, to learn to rest in Truth, to be challenged to new adventures, and to enjoy life’s stories. Until then, use this as a starter prayer during your Day of Rest:

Many thanks to you O God for this day of rest.

We rest in the truth of Your Love.

We rest in the trust of Your Acceptance.

We rest in the reality of Your Mercy.

We rest in the comfort of Your Presence.

We rest in the loveliness of Your Kindness.

We rest in the certainty of Your Strength.

We rest in the beckoning of Your Righteousness. 

We pray all of these things in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Your Son. Amen.


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