A Monday Rhythm

Summer was wonderful, slow time with the kids. We had no structure, not much of a schedule, a few fun trips, and lots of rest. It was great!

But, now I must find a rhythm. There are writing projects (that include deadlines!), school schedules, riding lessons, and homework projects! There is dust everywhere. Floors need to be mopped, snacks tucked into backpacks, lunches made, and laundry, laundry, laundry.

Rhythms can be found in prayer, work, play, meals. I’ve always found a rhythm works better for me than a very structured schedule. Or…maybe in all my Type B-ness I just like the sound of the word rhythm better than schedule. Keeping it real!

A rhythm I had before the Summer took over was participating in Multitudes on Mondays. I will continue this today in a different rhythm.

Here are a few “rhythms” that work for me. To mix it up a bit, I want to offer them as gifts I am truly grateful for:

143. The daily pulling away from life briefly for prayer, Scripture reading, reflection.

144. Exercise (mostly jog or a few types of yoga) about 3x a week.

145. At the beginning of the week take some time to plan meals and make a grocery list.

146. Hug our children as often as I feed them and definitely before they leave for school.

147. Share the best part of the day around the nightly dinner table. Offer thanks to God at this time.

148. Write something 3-4x a week.

150. Have a good book to read on hand….always.

151. Give the children a blessing as they get ready for sleep.

152. Clean house by taking one chore per day.

May God bless your rhythms today and use them to facilitate your experience of God’s ever-presence.


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