I’m smelling happiness today. A friend gave me some hand-me-downs, and there was just something about the way they smelled. I kept bringing each little dress, each pair of shorts to my face. It made me happy to smell them. I thought I might be going nuts.

Finally, I took a tiny t-shirt to my husband and commanded, “Smell.” He did. He’s nice like that. “Well?” I prompted. “It smells like our detergent in Indonesia,” he confirmed, smiling.

Do you do that? Do you smell memories? Do you see sounds in faded photos? Do you hear the love in the room?

Isn’t Love wonderful to give us these senses? Isn’t it fun to mix them up?

We learn about the concept of senses in Kindergarten. But we experience them at birth.

I wonder if you would heighten your senses with me today. Scratch and sniff your life. It brings a whole new window of gratitude to look through.

Still counting to One Thousand Gifts:

153. A faithful dog who is always up for a run.

154. Smell of sun-dried clothes

155. Homemade meatballs and mashed potatoes

156. Seeing my daughter, Anna, run her horse

157. Hearing sister-whispers after bedtime

158. My mom having a good week

159. Clean drinking water

160. Rain pouring down

161. Seeing my 3rd grade Sunday School class understand

162. People setting aside time to invest in relationships

163. Clean floors…no grit on your feet!

164. Beginning a new writing project


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