Family Friday: Properties that Matter

We’ve been doing a lot of science homework lately. Hence, the title. I’ve brushed up on a lot of things I thought were gone forever! For instance, did you know that D=m/v? I’ll give you a gold star if you can tell me what this means. No googling. Okay, it’ll have to be a figurative (pretend) gold star.

Things we do as parents are often funny and at times absurd.Once I said we should write a book on the things you say out loud as a parent. I’m sure there probably is a book like that somewhere. If you think of some of the obvious instruction you give to your children, it is quite hilarious at times. “We do NOT lick the bathroom floor!” “We do NOT nibble the dog’s ear.” “We do NOT tie up our sisters…even with their consent.”

Laughter is necessary in life and definitely in parenting. I find that laughing in this family reduces stress, creates memories, and slows us down a bit. I hope this list of things our family did this week make you laugh or at least smile today!

Family accomplishments/mess-ups this week include:

  • We helped our oldest make a birthday card for the metal titanium (yea science!). Btw…if you need to know anything about this metal, just ask me in the comments. I’m an expert right now, but it won’t last long so hurry.
  • Our third daughter, Lydia, lost her first tooth! It was very exciting. She’s been waiting forever to lose it. She was ecstatic! Her teacher gave her the cutest little tooth holder. She carefully placed the tooth inside the adorable tooth holder under her pillow last night. Here’s the thing: you know you are the third child when the tooth fairy forgets to come for your very first tooth. Thankfully she wasn’t too sad this morning. “It didn’t work, Mom,” she said sleepily this morning. We berated that tooth fairy. We committed to try again tonight. She better not mess up this time. In the mean time, little “Toothy” as Lydia is calling it is resting in the baby doll cradle for the day. She was rocking him this morning. I’m not kidding.
  • We completed Student Council posters in the nick of time! Anna hung them up and received many a compliment on them.
  • We remembered lunch money! No cheese sandwich here.
  • We prayed for kids who are mean at school.
  • We checked everyone for ticks! (This is actually from last week, but I couldn’t resist. Actually, I don’t know why I’m sharing this with you. Hmm.) As I was eating lunch with Lydia last Friday, I saw something weird on her neck. She kept turning her neck. Then a few of her Kinder classmates from last year stopped by to say hello to me so I couldn’t get a good look. Right before her lunch was over, I took another gander. With much alarm, I saw that it was a tick. Now, removing ticks (and this is not a regular occurrence around here) is usually a job I lovingly save for my husband. But, this was an emergency. I ripped that bad boy off. Lydia said, “Ow! What are you doing?” “You had a tick,” I whispered as I nonchalantly squeezed the life out of the nasty thing. Ick. Not the cafeteria lunch I expected.

Happy Friday!! May you laugh your way through the weekend. Oh, and one more thing…



7 thoughts on “Family Friday: Properties that Matter

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  2. I am glad the toothy fairy showed up. She is not very good at showing when you don’t call and make an appointment first. This tid bit of information will come in handy in the future. It works like a charm. Mine would remind me to call her right as she was going to bed.

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