Munday Love

I was caught this morning between desiring my children to be responsible and wanting to take care of them. It is a blessed struggle in the midst of the mundane of a Monday.

I wonder, doesn’t God our Father struggle with this?

What does God long for me to take responsibility for? Or you? Or all of us?

That love flows from God and takes care of us always.

Turn around or look ahead because love is waiting to flow over, wash out, fill up. And, then nourished, we have Spirit enough to respond, to take responsibility, to Love.

Thanks be to God for that Love and for all these little loves:

165. Clean guinea pig faces…I was going to show you a photo, but the photo actually looked scary (couldn’t ruin it).

166. Tom & Jerry cartoons

167. Compassionate palliative care doctors that take an hour with Mom to answer whatever questions she might have

168. Tooth fairy remembered!

169. Daughter hugs…tight around the neck

170. Air conditioning

171. Doing church with folks

172. This post about covenant love by Ann Voskamp.

173. Smelling peach-raspberry cobbler

174. My oldest daughter’s weekly paper entitled, “Dot vs. T-Rex”

175. Sisters gained by marriage

176. The call of “Look, Mama!” over and over and over….my call to sense what matters

177. A lone hummingbird at the feeder

178. Grass resurrecting

179. A driven, passionate husband

180. Growing-girl feet…


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