Discipline of Thanks

Giving thanks really is a discipline. It’s easy at Thanksgiving. Family is gathered. Good food is on the table. Jolly holiday thanks abounds.

But what about  in the daily now? What about in the middle of muddy jeans, bullies, dirty dishes, tears, homework?

How do you give thanks when your friends are hurting from loss or infertility?

What about when you have to heave-ho up the hill? It is easy for the pointer to start looking for who’s to blame…

But, isn’t a blaming heart a self-centered heart? In our small group last night we discovered: when God is at the center, we have no interest in blame. We might wonder at pain, but our foundation is secure. We have an anchor. We are loved. We can look outward. We can see pain and see the opportunity to bless. To offer gratitude. To let go and know that there is mystery in life with God.

Somehow this reaching out is a salve for our own wounds…joy and energy for the daily grind.

Today I offer thanks for these gifts:

181. James 1:2-8

182. little girl dimples

183. brownies

184. prayer with friends

185. a husband who treats me with tender care

186. a warm little dog

187. principals who care

188. a red desk

189. Coffee

190. Seeing responsibility grow in a daughter

191. Fulfillment in God through Jesus Christ our Lord

May God bless you today as you give thanks….Amen


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