Kid’s Writing Corner: Dot vs. T-Rex

Dot vs. T-Rex: A Dinosaur Encounter

by Anna (11 yrs)

I woke up to the sounds: BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Along with a few screams, I looked out the window, and there was a huge carnivorous beast in my back yard! Just then, it turned around and headed straight for our house! I screamed as a giant foot crashed straight through the wall and into my bedroom!

My dog, Dot, clamped onto the dinosaur’s scaly foot; the T-Rex shook and shook its foot, but Dot wouldn’t let go! Then Dot started climbing up the leg, and the T-Rex let out an enormous “ROAR!” It tried to pull Dot off, but its arms were too short!

Dot climbed up still further until she reached the T-Rex’s big, fat stomach. She bit down hard. The T-Rex let out another roar and fell with a huge BOOM!

Then the T-Rex yelled, “I just wanted a sandwich!” Dot cocked her head and ran out the hole in the house to her private cache. She came running back with a huge bunch of turkey sandwiches. From then on Dot and the T-Rex sat in the backyard eating sandwiches together.

The End


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