Family Friday: Funny-ness

One time a friend (well, actually she’s my cousin-by-marriage if that is a relation) of mine called me pensive. She said it was because of this blog. I must’ve looked weird after that because then she said she didn’t mean that badly. Then her friend sitting next to her in the grass said, “See, I told you pensive has a negative connotation!” “Introspective! That’s a better word,” they nodded, agreed and patted each other on the back.


So, I thought you should know that sometimes I’m funny.

Also, sometimes my life is funny. I’m glad.

So, here’s a few glimpses into our week.

1. I woke up at 6:30am to the phone alarm everyday. I tried to have a good attitude most mornings. My sister probably wouldn’t believe me because she spent a good piece of her life trying to get me out of bed in the morning. I’m pretty sure she got kicked a few times. Sorry, Kristi. I know it wasn’t fun. Love ya!

2. Every morning I did hurdles around the house throwing breakfast, hair brushes, and school lunches at my kids. My husband does hurdles too. We are one good team.

3. I let the dogs out. Yes, it was me.  I let the oldie dog back in (many times). She’s quick that one. And she barks until you let her in. Not a nice bark either. A bit demanding if you ask me, but she is 94 in dog years.

4. While dropping kids off at school,  I frequently watched the van door try to eat the kids. The teachers look scared.

5. Our science experiment for the week was to make silly slime. The main ingredient was corn starch. Someone stole mine. That’s all I can figure because I remember buying it and putting it in the cabinet. If you have any crime tips let me know. I pride myself on substitutions in cooking. Since I lived overseas for almost five years, I think I’m an expert. Plus, I like to say subtitutskys…like at Schlotsky’s. Nevermind. So, we substituted double flour for the corn starch. It wasn’t very slimy. Looking over my daughter’s evaluation of the experiment made me laugh. Her conclusion: “It looked like puke.”

6. I cleaned out the oldie dog’s ear that is infected and put drops in it. Ick. Four Q-tips on the first day. It’s getting better. “Eh?” Tater said.

7. I did yoga two days and jogged one day. Poor showing, but better than nothing.

8. Please don’t tell the manner police or my mom, but we had a slurping contest at the dinner table this week. And a smacking contest. And a burping contest. Here are the winners: Best Slurper: Anna (oldest); Best Smacker: Claire (youngest); Best Burper: tie between Maile (2nd oldest) and Matt. Disclaimer: the burping contest is the grossest.

9. I volunteered at the elementary school. I worked with a 4th grade boy on description in writing for a while. It was great fun. We designed a tree-house together. I squeezed in a hug to my girl in that class.

10. I watched my youngest read a book to a guinea pig.

11. Picked up anti-malarial medicine for our trip to Haiti. I hope it doesn’t make me weirder. Is weirder a word?

12. I watched my husband do pull-ups, push-ups and mountain climbers. I was tired after that. He is getting ready for a Tough Mudder race. He is tough. I am the mudder.

13. After making caramel apples, we went outside and stuffed our faces with them. Messy fun. Yum. Watching me, Maile said, “I didn’t know you liked caramel apples so much, Mom.” Then we discussed how much we like funnel cakes, chili-dogs, corn dogs, and cotton candy. Then we went inside and had black beans for supper.

The End.

Happy Friday!


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