Gratitude is for me…

Gratitude is for me and for you.

It is the key to unlocking a mystery.

It is a balm for bitterness.

It is a remedy for irritation.

It is a friend indeed.

It is a reminder of love.

It is a romance sparker.

It is an sparkle-in-the-eye maker.

It is a tissue to a mess from weeping.

It is a choice we must make.

Thanks be to God for:

192. the thread of gratitude that God takes and then weaves with…so gently in my life

193. Honest talk about marriage

194. 5 hours of driving time with sister-in-law

195. A husband who puts a tea bag in for me

196. Peanut butter sandwich lunch with just the little one

197. a school principal who communicates well

198. A far away friend leaving a long voice mail

199. Continuing education credits completed

200. three candles burning

201. warm hospitality

202. fondue

203. velvet-like doggie ears

204. Conversations with Mom

May God bless you today and fill you up with gratitude.


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