Off the Grid (mostly)

Getting ready!

Leaving on a jet plane…are you singing, too? I’m a bit strange. I get excited about the boring seat-belt speech, the ginger-ale, and the pretzels. I like feeling one with all the people on the airplane. I like airplane food. I’m a wanderer, I guess. God made me that way and yet God is always weaving contentment into me as well. While I am glad to go, I feel a bit of dread. I know a transformation is in order.

My wonderful husband and I and four other peeps from our church are going to Haiti tomorrow to help a bit with rebuilding and medical work. One more step down the path is what we are taking. I will be telling you all about it, but first, I must go off the grid for a week.

I will miss you, but it must be done as I will not likely be on the internet for the time we are there. If I get a chance to post, you’ll know. I will be working and experiencing and loving and learning. Stay tuned next week for more writing…

Your prayers are appreciated.

May God be loved and blessed by our trip to Haiti.

May God bless the people of  Haiti.

May God use Haiti to open our eyes.

In the name of Christ Jesus, Our Lord, Amen.

While I am gone…

~perhaps some recommended reading~


4 thoughts on “Off the Grid (mostly)

  1. Looking forward to hearing about the experience. We will miss you next week at writers conference. I am like you in that I LOVE airports! Have some pretzels for me!

  2. Katie,
    Hi! I just found your blog through Ann’s, A Holy Experience, and I was thrilled to hear that you went to Haiti. I am making the journey myself with a group from our church in two weeks. It’s my first mission trip out of the country. I hesitated to go because I care for my elderly parents as well as homeschool our twin thirteen yr. old boys, BUT GOD! He had plans and worked out all the details!
    In order to be ready, I’ve gone on a forty day fast (the Daniel Fast) and have found this experience to be a marvelous preparation in many ways.
    I look forward to sharing about the miracles in others as well as myself through this adventure.
    We are serving Nehemiah Vision Ministries and from the videos and pictures, it will definitely wreck (in a good way) my world as I’ve known it! Hallelujah!
    Blessings on you and your family.
    Daune, pronounced Dawn.

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