Gifts from Haiti

I brought some gifts back for you. They are for all of us. Clarity came to me in the midst of true simple living and washing dishes. There where folks just simply want clean water, food for their family, and education for their children. Things that matter come first. I know selfishness comes into every culture, but God is weaving something new in me using the Haitian people and our experience there.

#216 New friends working hard to bring Good News

#217 Hard work building a rain catchment system for a school…work is good

#218 Children’s smiles

#219 Mountains of Beauty
#220 Sorrow for loss of homes, churches, people, corruption
#221 Worship with the church and hearing “He Leadeth Me” sung beautifully in Kreyol
#222 Unexpected Hope
#223 Praying with patients in a mobile mountain clinic
#224 A Haitian sermon straight to my heart: “God is the only one who can help your problems”
#225 The truck ride up the mountain

#226 Nurses and a doctor who long for folks to be truly healed
#227 A mobile medical lab
#228 Leaving reluctantly and yet coming home joyfully
May God open our eyes so that we see all the gifts…


5 thoughts on “Gifts from Haiti

  1. Beautiful!! Thanks for sharing your experience. I know that I have found some of my dearest moments with my Savior when I was serving Him diligently.

    Jumped over from Ann’s 1000 gifts.

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