You are the Temple

There were many types of materials that made up this tiny, broken mountain church in Haiti. The view around it was lovely. My hand ran reluctantly over the window sill afraid of splinters. I climbed through the small back door and looked around the small room. There was a raised part at the back….I’m assuming where the preaching took place. I sat down on a homemade pew as the medical crew finished turning the church into a clinic. There was a pile of rocks and gravel in the corner.

Preparations finished, we gathered together Americans and Haitians.  “Everyone meet the pastor of this church, Pastor Jedi,” Jenny called. He was tall and wearing yellow. He seemed kind and gentle.  She said, “Pastor Jedi’s name means Thursday.” Dr. Klein asked if he was born on a Thursday. Everyone laughed, and he answered, “Of course.” We prayed in a circle for the clinic to be blessed and for healing for the people.  Then one by one patients were seen by the nurse, the doctor and then had lab work or just got medicine.

There were a lot patients that day, and Tawna and I were able to pray with many of them. I felt privileged that they would allow me. After lunch, I went to the front to help register patients with Hose.

Late in the afternoon, I needed to stretch and take care of business. I walked up the hill into some trees. I found some pigs as I was using a tree. We had a moment together as I hurriedly finished what I was doing and they oinked and snorted in my direction.

When I returned to the church, I stood in the sunny doorway.  Pastor Jedi was there too. I smiled and asked, “How many people are in your church?” I asked. “70 people,” he said, “but we can fit 40 inside.”

I glanced around the room. He met my glance and looked into my eyes, “We are praying for God to provide so that we can improve our building. But you know, you are the temple…not the building.” “Yes. The church is the people. The people are the church,” I answered, deepened. His brow unfurrowed and he smiled. He knows the Truth.

Clouds covered the sun and a cool breeze came as rain began to slowly fall. The doc was seeing the last few patients. Tawna coaxed the school children there to sing for us. When Hose translated it for us, I felt my heart beat. “God wants to save me. I am not dreaming. God wants to save me. I am not dreaming.” I could hear them singing still as we hiked back to the road. I could hear them singing as we rode back down the mountain. I can hear them singing now.

May we always be reminded the we are the temple. And see the beauty in what our blindness sees as broken.

Don’t you realize that all of you together are the temple of God and that the Spirit of God lives in you? God will destroy anyone who destroys this temple. For God’s temple is holy, and you are that temple. 1 Corinthians 3:16-17 (NLT)


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