When It’s All a Mess

It’s Thursday, and I’ve just turned in a big project. The counters have crumbs. There is dog hair on the couch. Oh, does the bathroom need cleaning.

“Mom can I paint?” calling down the hall.

Haiti is on my mind. I can almost smell the outside cooking. Those smiles…surprising hope.

Mom with her achy cough and chest cold is on my mind. Another loved one (broken up like us all) is heavy on my mind. A friend up all night with a sick baby is on my mind.

My heart is achy.

Lord Jesus.


Son of God.

Have Mercy.

On me, a sinner.

In the sweaty hot of life or in the achy cold, O God meet us in the mess. It really is where You do Your best work. We bow our faces before you in all the crumbs, and we love. need. ache. You already know. Oh, and there is Your hand. Many thanks. Amen.


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