and thanks are weaving in and out of the tapestry that God is creating out of our lives.

Push the needle a bit with me today.

Sometimes moments prick and blood can stain, but God puts it all together to make loveliness.

229. Hope found in a song

230. Waiting on blood counts from Mom

231. Waiting on peace–it will always come if we are seeking the One who is Love

232. Paying bills
233. Lists to check off

234. Egyptian Lentils on the menu

235. Wondering what hospice will be like for Mom

236. Disastrous nighttime dreams that teach me about my perceptions
237. Hearing friends and family give thanks daily

238. Clean doggies
239. Clean floors
240. New bedroom doors…so clean and bright

241. clutter leaving

242. Hot tea

243. warm breezes through girl-hair as they swing back and forth

Let all seasons be about thanksgiving, but especially the one you’re in right now.


2 thoughts on “Weaving

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