Family Friday: Conclusions

1. I love South Texas: Yesterday our door-bell rang at 7am. It’s amazing how children shuffling around not able to get their shoes on for school can race each other to the front door…it was our neighbor’s grandson sharing a good portion of the first hog he ever shot. It was wrapped neatly in butcher paper. It is a good-looking hunk of meat. 🙂

2. I don’t love finding stuff: In the last five minutes, I have been asked to find jeans, a flashlight, fuzzy socks, a Tinkerbell cup, and the dog food scoop.

3. I like how children play: Currently, my 6 year old and my 4 year old are playing “skating” down the hall with the fuzzy socks that I found.

4. The Princess Bride can be scary: If you are 6 years and 4 years, the R-O-U-S (Rodents Of Unusual Size) are scary. Plus, they don’t really understand torture (thankfully) or pits of despair. Also, if you are 4 years old, and the six fingered man is mentioned, you feel the need to count your own fingers.

5. Science Night at the elementary school is fun: We made snow (absorbent polymer), goo, fake blisters (ew), exploding baggies, lava lamps, electricity with a battery, and ate nitrogen made ice cream all in two hours!

6. Traveling plans get stalled by vomiting.

7. Guinea pigs have a few lives apparently: during the weekly cage cleaning, one of the dogs flipped the cover over while the piggies were enjoying some grass. Must’ve been Tater (the old dog)  because they’re ALIVE!!!!

8. Ten years of cleaning up dog puke gets old. I love Tater, I really do, but still with the reflux?

9. My car will never be as clean as my dad would like nor my closets as clean as my mom would like. Oh, well. I’m okay to let it go.

10. God is still working on me: weaving, pruning, showing the way. More is coming on that later.

11. During Operation Closet and Toy Clean Out I have only one thing to say: we have a lot of horse toys.

12. My kids are sneaky: I found Nerd pieces, a Milky Way wrapper, and a Junior Mint box under kid beds. Hmm.

Happy Friday!


2 thoughts on “Family Friday: Conclusions

  1. Hi Katie. My dad had a rough week a couple of weeks ago. Platelets went too low and bleeding on the brain. He is still going despite a couple of setbacks…not walking well. I updated my blog with the details. Hope your mom is doing well. Said a prayer for her, as you mentioned she had a cold. Blessings!

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