He Leadeth Me

I wriggled on the uneven wooden pew. I could feel my back was already wet. Mike had said there would be Sunday School first and then church, and that it would be hard for us to sense the transition. Our translator was also the keyboard player, but he would help us understand. Remembering Sunday service when we lived in Asia, I wondered how many hours we would be on this bench.

The service began, and I was lost. I tried hard to listen, and I tried even harder to sing along with the hymnal–singing words I didn’t understand or know how to read or say. As we sang, I realized that we were all worshiping God together, and it didn’t matter if I could understand or not. This moment was not about me. I offered God thanks for the sincere hearts of worship that I was witnessing.

A young woman went to the front and began to sing a special song. Her voice was liltingly beautiful. My brain worked overtime to place the song, and then I knew it as the hymn: He Leadeth Me. The English words flowed through my head and my soul said Amen again and again. What is this woman’s path? Where does God lead her every day? My eyes grazed the tin roof, the tarp walls. Where is God leading this Haitian church? O, God are you leading?

As the preacher got up to begin, our translator came and sat beside me. He began to translate the sermon–sentence by sentence. I got out my journal and began to take notes. My ears were open now. I was present and ready to listen. This is what I heard:

Psalm 11:1-5

Psalm 95:6

God is the only one that help your problems.

You know what your problems are–you know your life.

Nobody can be there for you except God.

You can depend on your wife, your husband. You can depend on your friends or your parents. You can depend on America. But they will all fail you.

God is the only one that can be there for you…never fail.

You can forget God. You can leave Him…but you can call God…God will take you back.

Sometimes we don’t see any way out of the biggest problems-but God is powerful.

God is the One. God is your Everything.

You can say: God, You give me all that I have. I give You all that I am.

You can say: My life is in Your hands. Then God gives.

When God gives, He gives forever with no limit.

God is the One. God is your Everything.

He leadeth me: O blessed thought!

O words with heavenly comfort fraught!

Whatever I do, wherever I be,

Still ’tis God’s hand that leadeth me.


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