Family Friday: I Recommend…

  1. Wash acrid, eye-burning mystery substance off dogs immediately. Don’t wait (like me) until at least four people pet the dog. This causes much weeping and gnashing.  Ugh. We cannot imagine what it is.
  2. Continue clutter reduction. I have been reading Joshua Becker’s book, and there has been productive action around here as a result. I feel good, oh I feel so good, huh!
  3. Shop online for Christmas. Love it. Love shopping in my pj’s. Plus, seems easier (for me) to control any impulse buying. Stick to the list!
  4. Have Thanksgiving early. Since we will be in the desert in a tent on Thanksgiving, we had our turkey dinner with our Life Group from church. Yum!
  5. Make a turkey pot pie with your left overs. The best recipe is from The Pioneer Woman’s cookbook. I didn’t use peas, though. Ick. I used green beans. Also I used milk instead of cream only because I didn’t have cream.
  6. If you make a turkey pot pie, put a pan under it so it doesn’t flow like lava into the bottom of your oven. If you forget this, you’re gonna need some rubber gloves and SOS pads. Grr.
  7. Stop carefully at all stop signs. I mean it! Even if your eyes are burning from a mystery substance and your daughter is laughing at you. I almost had a car crash this morning. No pausing. Stop.
  8. Prepare your hearts for Advent. Christ comes. It will be amazing.
  9. Go to the desert in a tent for Thanksgiving with your four children and you husband. Maybe I shouldn’t recommend this one yet. I’ll keep you posted. 🙂
  10. Starting the day with giving thanks in all circumstances…even burning eyes.
  11. Call your mom if you forget how to make the dressing. Thanks Mom! Love ya.

Happy Friday!


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