Do it anyways…

Here is a phrase we have used many times in this house: Do it anyways.

I can’t say it’s always with a voice that is calm and loving and collected, but there it is.

I’ve said it today four times to four different people. Make that five (including self-talk). We are packing to go camping. There are chores to be done. Prep work. Work before play.


Why? I don’t know. It should equal excitement, adventure, gratitude.

Also grouchiness is contagious. When I’m trying to deal with a bad attitude with a little person, I often find myself getting one.

I wish we could all pack up the phrase “I don’t feel like it” and send it away forever. I found myself thinking it today. But this phrase rules much of our culture, right?

Giving thanks could be the remedy to selfishness. So I do it anyways.

Thank You God for all of these gifts:

244. Being able to go camping

245. Tea and snickerdoodles

246. Proverbs 4:22

247. Large sleeping bags that stuff small into sacks

248. Condensed milk cans stacked tall in the store

249. Bible verse frame given by a friend. The background is fun paper. We change the verse by writing on the glass with a dry erase marker.

250. Tucking in daughters…ready for slumber

251. Trail mix

252. Cowgirls and cool fronts

253. Obedience

254. mothers and mothers by marriage

255. laughter caused by the weirdness of a turkey neck

256. Giving thanks anyways…whether we feel like it or not

257. Forgiveness and mercy

258. Christ comes. We will celebrate.

May God receive our gratefulness as glory and praise and honor. Amen.


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