Mountain Sun

Boquillas Canyon

It really just snuck by me…that sneaky first Advent Sunday. I was sitting in a car for ten hours listening to spats, giggles, and movies. I was saying goodbye to mountains. And a campground. And mountain sun.

God is on our side you see. This is the real meaning of Christmas. I can’t wait, can you? I’m waiting for my soul to wake up.

It’s like waiting in a freezing mountain campground for the sun to finally reach the tippy top of that mountain…so you can be warmed. Not just a little, either. When that mountain sun warms, it warms well…like an embrace. O, God of All, embrace us this Advent.

We breathe, “Ahhh.” Then we begin to peel layers. We peel and peel and peel. Layers we don’t need. Could this be, Lord Jesus, Son of God? Have you come that we might peel? O, please, dear Holy Son, we have so many layers that we don’t need.

We feel loved by the sun. We are warm. We behold the light. The light brings so much beauty. It reflects so much beauty that was already there in the darkness. It just needed light. Bring us beauty, Light of the World. We need to see.

Wait with me this Advent? If you are feeling cold, it will be worth the wait.

Join me in still giving thanks for this life that is pure gift:

259. mountain sun

260. desert life

261.  draws, pour-off, and washes

262. Big Bend National Park

263. Fried turkey sandwiches on long hikes

264. smiling chapped faces

265. Jesus Christ, Son of God becoming flesh

266.  Washing machine load after load

267. blogger friends

268.  warm sleeping bags on a night with a low of 26 degrees

269. home again…you know the feeling

270. javelina crossing the road

271. JOY

272. Morning sleeping bag fights/pretending to be caterpillars (anything to delay getting dressed in freezing temps) 🙂


8 thoughts on “Mountain Sun

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  2. That mountain sun may just have been God lighting the first Advent candle for you. This post reminds me of the everywhere-at-onceness of God, climbing with us to the top of mountains, descending with us to the dark valleys.

    Thanks for linking up this post with our High Calling Advent project. We love having you and your voice with us.

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