What Would You Miss…Really?

Over Thanksgiving week, I spent one night driving and four nights in chilly tent.

We had a total of about 30 minutes of cell phone service the entire week. It was just enough for us to let our families know we were okay and say Happy Thanksgiving.

We had no access to the internet, the news, television, or radio.

We only had one visit to the showers (they were far away).

Last night as I nestled down into my warm, cozy bed, I told my husband how grateful I am for heat and soft beds. He said he would trade it all to be back in the mountains. I laughed. I know him well enough to know that he needs that isolation in nature to feed his soul…at least every once in awhile.

His comment gave me pause to consider what I would miss if we always lived the way we did last week. I know a lot of the world does live that way, but not by choice or by some adventurous whim.

I’m not sure what I would really miss. I do like being warm. Plus, I would like to personally thank the person that thought of the indoor toilet and bathroom. Genius!

I would miss the easy communication that we have with our extended families. Also, I would miss writing (although I think I can still write with a pen and paper…maybe). Oh, and it gets harder and harder to get all the little girl-hair tangles out the longer you go without baths. It gets brutal. Trust me.

It seems to me that I have gone from beautiful simple nature to the throes of abundance  and consumerism. I did participate in Cyber Monday shopping, so maybe that’s why I’m reflecting on this. Now, I like gift giving as part of the Christmas season. I see the joy in the children’s eyes from the comfort and fun and toys and trees and pretty lights. These are gifts too.

There is something nagging me still. I see the child Jesus comes. But I have heard Christ Jesus call:  Go Deeper.  But if it were all set aside, what would we miss, really?

Maybe this Advent, we could peel off some layers, and open our eyes to what is real. God can show us what layers. God can show us. God can.

Maybe there is not room in the Inn for all of our striving, selfishness, expectations, shallow this Christmas. We could refuse the normal catch and throw the nets out. We could embrace the infant Jesus while being ready to hear Christ Jesus call us out into the deep. Are you ready? Am I? What are we already missing that we don’t know about?

We could go deeper.

Show us Your way O Lord. We wait. Amen.


6 thoughts on “What Would You Miss…Really?

  1. Great insights and reflections. Sounds like a wonderful trip. I long to want to Go Deeper. I don’t always strive for it but know that should be my heart’s cry. Your scripture points out what it’s all about for the committed Christian. Keep up the great job!!

  2. So good, these thoughts! And well put. I am in, too! This is my aim, going deeper. Asking God for help in peeling off those layers whose needed peeling gets so much hindrance and even outright opposition. Thank you, and God bless.

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