A Thursday Prayer

Some days finding our way in the dark is near impossible.

Thoughts of Your Love coming down don’t cross our minds some days.

Some days laundry flows over and housework piles to a crushing amount.

Deadlines loom, projects build, programs come every night, necks tighten, to-do lists lengthen.

Selfishness abounds. Weariness folds us in.

Where is the Light we are waiting for? Where are You?

And then…

….a middle school choir sings out….our girl in the middle…a voice projecting out over the rest.

Noel, they sing. December nights, she sings. Noel.  A birth.

The sound of piano keys caress tight necks. Grace moves into lists. Love comes down.

The six-year-old slides down the row to tell me the ceiling in the auditorium looks like a basket weaved together.

You are here. I see the Light. Love.

Here. Even in the wiggly four-year-old on my lap whispering loudly that she is still hungry.

Me, too. I’m still hungry. We wait for you, Everlasting Father. Amen.


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