Magical Air

Can you imagine the magical air around the stable that night? Can you sense the electric air around Jesus during his ministry days? What inspiring life moved around him even as he…

…was born,

as he grew,

as he called out,

as he healed,

as he turned the tables,

as he wept?

I think it was electric. This God-Man living and breathing; hurting and healing; breathing and spitting. Can you imagine yourself there? It would be a confusing time…full of mystery. It would be hard to know who to believe. It would be difficult to trust the government or anyone.

What if you were in the crowd in that magical air? And what if Jesus called you out? Would you leave it all and follow?

Why did people follow him? Why would you?

There was definite charisma. But there was more. Truth. Love. Kindness. Hope. Jesus knew. He came so we would know that he knew. He came so we could stop be perpetual middleschoolers who think no one understands what is happening to them. God with us.

This Advent season feels a bit magical around here. Christ’s presence is here with us. He has always been here and yet he is coming. I love this Christ Jesus. What love! What gift God gives to us to experience this mystery!

May you sense the magic in this moment. May we all know God’s presence through Christ Jesus who comes. Amen.

The LORD has done great things for us,
and we are filled with joy. Psalm 126:3 (NIV)


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