Counting a Wonderful Life

This weekend our family went to three Christmas parties, a birthday party, a Christmas pageant, and church. It was great to visit with friends and family.  In between:

Our dog‘s eyeball got scratched by the  neighbor cat. She really did ask for it by going under the shed after the cat. I’ve been calling her Bloodball. Her eye is very red. It bled a lot (ick!) We had a few girls run screaming into their rooms and refuse to look at poor Dot. I’m happy to tell you that she doesn’t care at all. She is still trying to eat everyone’s food and regularly scratching her back on the underside of the coffee table. Apparently this feels so good to her that she has to growl.

My husband and I made a date out of watching It’s a Wonderful Life. He wasn’t excited at first. He claimed his mom ruined him on the movie by making him watch it when he was young a lot. I love it. He loves me, and so we watched it together. We cried. We laughed. It was classic.:) I’m wondering when I became so sappy. Maybe I’ve always been this way.

We made a ginger bread house. A lot of bickering was going on at first, but each girl got to do one part of the house. They all made fun of my attempt to outline the windows with icing. It’s a beautiful house. We are now eating it intermittently.

We lit the third candle (the Shepherd candle) which symbolizes telling the good news of Christ’s birth. Last night’s Advent family time was unusually rambunctious. Honestly, I’m glad we got through it without someone’s hair being burned. Still, we are grateful for this special time, and I come to you today to say thank you to our Holy Father for this wonderful life we have been given.

Thank you God for teaching me to count these gifts:

283. a Church family who loves

284. Christmas parties

285. Lentil and Black bean soup

286. warm French bread

287. three candles lit

288. wrapping presents

289. Old classic movies

290. the wonder of children

291. a tender heart

292. singing Go Tell it on the Mountain with the family….no one remembering the verse so we hummed…busting out the chorus in the end

293. anticipation of a special gift for my mom arriving tomorrow…shhh

Join me in giving thanks!


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