Family Time

“Did you say they could have the knives or the bubbles?” my sister-in-law yells across the mayhem (speaking about the toddlers).

Our six-year-old spent thirty minutes in a row saying the same noise (and yes it was a high-pitched noise) over and over again until both my husband and I finally yelled.

Chex mix abounds as do dirty feet and many bodies crowd around a puzzle. We elbow our way into get our piece to fit into the puzzle. The picture takes shape, and Christmas songs are sung by little voices.

A raccoon game went on in the backyard. Football fun is in the barn.

I catch my daughter’s belly laugh from the other room, and a little one complains that hide and seek is too hard.

What a blessed, noisy time this is. How I hear God in the banter between brothers and the fighting between cousins. Moms discuss to-do lists.

There is heartache too. I make space in the joy for the sorrow, trusting God with us.

We discuss who has cancer; I give the update on Mom.

We are sad with friends who lost their jobs this very week. We remember my dear niece who passed away this February.

I squeeze my own arm…a reminder to be present. Breathe. Ponder. Don’t miss it. Rest.

God is with us. God with us. Christ in me. Christ before me. Christ after me. The Christ within me.

Shall we make room together? It is how we were meant to be filled up after all.

Merry Christmas to you in this time of family.


4 thoughts on “Family Time

  1. Merry Christmas. I will pray for those who are hurting in your family. What a great post for me to read right now. My father passed in ’94 and I always get emotional and think about the what if’s around the holidays. I need to remind myself to be present for my husband and children and know that God is always with me.

    May God bless you abundantly!

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