what comes after the last candle…

We only just lit the Christ candle two days ago on our Advent wreath, and I found myself looking around today beginning to think of putting away the Christmas decor. I’m looking for cleaner, less clutter, after days of many presents, much food, and lots of family time and celebrating. What is it about January around the corner that makes us all breath in quick, roll up our sleeves and think we are ready for change?

I was changed already by this Christmas. Christ is come. He dwells in me, and I hope that my prayer will be for Christ to dwell within and without always.

I find myself thinking of this next year. My husband and I have always talked of simple lives, but I wonder if I mean it in my heart. I’m wondering if this is the year of refining for us. This past year I have sensed God calling us to go deeper. Now, perhaps it is time to go cleaner…as in purer. I don’t know how to make sense of this for you because I am still mulling it over.

Whatever you find yourself gearing up for or just rolling up those sleeves for, invite God into your plans. Better yet, ask God first. What shall we work on this year?

I think in whatever this year holds the candle must stay lit, friends. Christ, the God-man, came to show us that we can be with God. And God can be with us in the dark, cold, happy, broken, warm, jolly, and angst-filled times. In all times, God with us.

We can keep the candle lit; pray, meditate on the Scriptures, and welcome God into this life…that God has given us.

I offer thanks this day for these many gifts:

306. Christmas morning excited/sleepiness

307. Homemade cinnamon rolls

308. working puzzles with family

309. our six-year-old girl’s sneaky grin as she pulled hidden puzzle pieces out of her pocket

310. fried turkey

311. dessert cheeses from an international friend

312. trying to grasp what it means for Christ to dwell in me

313. God…saving the world over and over again

314. All of our children acting out the story of Christmas…we contributed an angel, two lambs, and Mary

315. extravagant Love

Join me in giving thanks!


2 thoughts on “what comes after the last candle…

  1. Change is definitely in the air – a winnowing of things about me to get to the heart! Your list is wonderful, too – those hidden puzzles, cinnamon rolls! This year, I am going to focus on those little blessings:) Wishing you a blessed New Year!

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