Resolving…More or Less

Here we go 2012!!!!

  1. More mustard and less mayonnaise.
  2. More saving and less spending.
  3. More vegetables and less sugar.
  4. More prayer and less complaining.
  5. More faces and less Facebook.
  6. More exercise and less sitting.
  7. More water and less other drinks.
  8. More space and less clutter.
  9. More creating and less consuming.
  10. More praising and thanking and seeing God and less self-serving and criticizing and looking beyond the present.

Happy New Year everyone!


6 thoughts on “Resolving…More or Less

  1. These are really good! I could gather up almost the whole lot for my own improvement. And maybe I will, one after one. Most appealing to me right now is “more faces and less Facebook,” b/c FB really bugs me most of the time, but I don’t use it much anyhow, so that’s not my best choice. “More prayer and less complaining” already paraphrases my main aim for this year. So, next I think I’ll also aim at “more space, and less clutter.” Yes, yes, yes! (heehee)
    Thank you, and God bless!

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