Best Foot Forward

Mount Washburn, Yellowstone National Park

We put our best foot forward today, and I am so grateful for the newness of the year. As we plug on into winter, we give thanks to God that his mercy is new every morning.

My dad helped us give the kids a zip line for our backyard for Christmas. It is newly installed and providing a lot of fun for us all…even Dot, our young dog  (who likes to chase the zipper). My first time to zip I climbed up the lovely ladder that my husband built up to the platform. My excitement doubled by the new wood smell. I grabbed the handle and jumped off with both feet. I felt my shoulders rip down as gravity pulled my body down. The zip was fun and made me forget the rip. My husband said, “You should sit down on the platform first and then jump.” Now he tells me.

I am ready to jump into this year, but giving thanks helps me to sit down first. This past year God has shown me that giving thanks is actually good preparation for any event, problem, or situation. Giving thanks brings joy and at the same time is a discipline in which we are called to participate.

I am grateful today for these gifts:

316. Floors were swept.

317. Decorations were stored away.

318. Dust was dusted.

319. Dogs were washed.

320. Science Fair project was worked on.

321. Children are squeaky clean too, hair brushed, tucked cozy into their beds. The alarm is going to be tough on them tomorrow. Maybe their mom and dad too.

322. Another chapter written

323. More puzzle working with extended family. 1000 pieces can kill you…not really, but my eyes might be crossed now.

324. Caring, listening ears

325. Lunch out with my Mom…conversations about transfusions and Christmases

326. Never-ending bedtime frustration…..learning from this


4 thoughts on “Best Foot Forward

  1. Your insights are most refreshing and cause me to once again take delight in the small pure things of this life. Thanks for taking time to share.

  2. Love the photo–beautiful! We have a zip line, though nothing built to reach it. Kids have to wait for dad to lift them up to it. Lots of fun though! Happy new year!

    • We had our first accident with it. My youngest got arrogant and jumped too hard off the platform. Her hands slipped and she fell, but she’s fine. So far the fun side is winning (vs. the accident side).

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