To Be a Magi…

I opened my eyes this morning and several worries about others came to mind. These are the gifts I am bringing on this day of Epiphany? This day where we celebrate with the three kings arrival to Jesus.

How quickly we leave the manger, and life goes on. Tragedy occurs. Loved  ones struggle. Some fall. X-rays need taking. O, to be a Magi…watching for light constantly, believing in something foreign to themselves, but real.

If you don’t know, and I am still learning, Epiphany means “to manifest, to show by one’s appearance.” Back in the olden days, the church began to celebrate this day as the traditional day that the Three Kings came to visit Jesus. Jesus’ appearance, ministry, and miracles are celebrated. God showed up. Let’s party.

My heart’s heavy today for a party. But I want to participate. The Three Kings arrived dressed and ready with gifts in hand. What gifts can we hold out today? All gifts come from God, and so what can we give?

I recycle my worry through a half-hearted prayer and God is so faithful that peace still comes. Where does the struggle come from? God showed up. What is there to complain about? Why is it hard to believe that God will show up again in all these other situations?

I’m not sure what the Magi were expecting when they came, but they did step out in faith. They followed the star. They came prepared with gifts to bless the Son of God. They paid attention when their dreams told them to go home a different way.

Maybe we can be Magi after all.

The apostles said to the Lord, “Increase our faith!” Luke 17:5 (NIV)


One thought on “To Be a Magi…

  1. That must have been an amazing journey. What did they think when they found their king…simple, the salt of the earth. Was their doubt erased when the looked into Jesus’ eyes? What made them believe?

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