Even Tarantulas

It was a gray, rainy day, and I soaked it up with writing, kid-time, helping with homework, and daily chores. In the dark, wet leaves, tarantulas seem to be breeding on our porch. They like the dark, and we saw two maybe three tonight. Both dogs were too curious and got bit. My two older kids love them, and one of them promptly caught one of them to observe for a bit. Our six-year-old is powerfully afraid of them. I am not curious or a fan, but I appreciate the curiosity the spiders spark in my pre-teen girl. Learning about animals has always caused a light to shine in her eyes.

It seems darkness and light were the theme of this past weekend. Every Scripture I read at the least hinted at it, songs at church, and even the sermon pointed me to it. A daily devotion/meditation that I read spoke of choosing the Light of Christ and the Truth rather than the darkness and depravity of which we are so capable. I have learned that it’s imperative that we must acknowledge our own dark side. It makes us much more a people of grace rather than a critical people. We all have thoughts or secrets or weaknesses, and if we open that up in honesty with ourselves and with God, that Light warms in and makes new reflections of Truth. Change takes place, and we are made new.

I write for curriculum that is about teaching children and preschoolers to be on mission for God. I have the privilege of learning about people around the globe who are working alongside local people to be the presence of Christ Jesus. I am in the middle of a project right now and it is taking me to a couple different countries. I am also reading Paul Farmer’s Haiti After the Earthquake slowly. God is really pushing around in my heart and mind globally tonight. Chasing headlines shows us promise and ugliness of humanity. So we look around the world and in the mirror, and we know that we need Love and Light from the Truth. Shall we pray together tonight for the broken people in this world? For Haitians? For people trafficked? For thirsty little ones? I long to throw off any darkness and do something meaningful for God…even here.

And God says, Yes. Now go make dinner, and count gifts with your children.

I tried on Ann Voskamp’s Joy Dare at the dinner table tonight. Asking your family for gratitude can be difficult. Asking them to express it specifically is a little easier for all…especially young ones. I will add some of their thanks so you can experience some of the joy of children’s gratitude.

Thanks be to God this day for:

327. Taco soup

328. chimenea fires

329. Jogging in the rain

330. hot tea with milk and sugar

331. my sister (from Lydia–6yrs)

332. my dog (from Claire–4 yrs)

333. sparkly blue eyes of an 11 year old

334. Psalm 34

335. gray clouds covering the sky

336. Rodeo pics

337. sister whispers after the lights are out

338. horseback ride with all our girls

339. even tarantulas

Join me in giving thanks!


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