Sweatin’ Pipes and Fryin’ Bread

Now for which one of these projects am I responsible?

Yes, the Indian Fry Bread Tacos are my project. The other one is my husband’s project, but it will eventually be our bathroom. It used to just be an old shower with termites and mold growing under it. Now it’s (almost) a shower/bath without the extras. Aren’t you impressed? I am. I didn’t even know he could be a plumber.  It’s been under renovation for awhile, but we’ve got some momentum now folks. Or, he does anyways. I just smile and pat him and tell him I love him. I’m supportive. One day I might paint in there…if he lets me.

Two of the girls have started running fever with headaches. Ugh. So I made a delicious supper half of us ate with glee to compensate. The sickies had gatorade and Tylenol for supper. Poor things. Incidentally, when someone is ailing around here, the go-to is a cool cloth. They all go get one if something hurts. I don’t know where it started, but as soon as I took the little one’s temp, she asked me for a cold rag. My mom always told us to lay on our stomach to feel better. It still works for me.

P.S. I highly recommend the tacos. I got the recipe from The Pioneer Woman’s website. I used chicken fajita meat instead of beef. Also, I found a can of tomatillos in my pantry and piled them on. This isn’t a particularly healthy taco (more like a state fair taco), but it is Saturday after all people.

Blessings to you tonight. Sorry for the random post.


2 thoughts on “Sweatin’ Pipes and Fryin’ Bread

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