On Parks

First view at Yellowstone National Park

I love the park, but you might gather that I rather love National Parks. We are a National Park family. Also, my husband’s middle name is Parker. Plus he’s related to Quanah Parker…the last Comanche chief in Texas. Hmm. That was extra.

I’m still etching out my story about our trip to the Grand Canyon which was in 2009 so I’m a little behind. Since then we have taken trips to Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton National Park, and Big Bend National Park.

I don’t work for the National Parks, so this advertisement is for free. I just want you to know I think you should all take a trip to a national park sometime. It’s way better than the all-inclusive beach thing. (I’m guessing since I’ve never been). Plus it won’t hit a rock and sink like a cruise ship. (Unless something like in the movie 2012 happens.) We are currently planning our next trip to the Canyonlands NP and Arches NP! So, I was inspired to inspire you to go see our National Parks. Just go!

Here’s some reasons we are trying to get to most of them and why you should go on a NPV (National Parks Vacation)…I just made up that acronym or abbreviation or whatever:

It’ll make you proud to be an American…if you are one. Our country has some beautiful, geologically fascinating sites.

You will sweat which is good for your pores.

Fresh air will fill your lungs…making you think better.

You’ll thank the Creator for this creation.

A sense of exploration and independence is present for the youngest to the oldest….meeting this deep need for children.

You will learn about nature from nature.

Your survival instincts revive. No more  will you think how much non-fat milk you want in your coffee. You’ll be too busy making sure you have enough water to drink.

You learn patience. No instant gratification….except for the beauty.

It’s an economical vacation. We sleep in a tent (the cheapest way), but if you are  not too tough, they have cabins that are reasonable,too.

Your kids can wiggle, be loud, and get healthier all in one week…and you won’t mind.

You become a supporter of that natural area.

You learn history!!! Yea! I love history!!!!!

Happy Park Exploring!!!!!


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