The Cookbook I Don’t Have…

So, my sister-in-law have a playful contention between us. Everyone in my family owns a certain Jr. League cookbook….except me. I don’t know why. I think I lived in a different country when they were selling them in these parts. Every single time that I ask her for a recipe of something delicious she has made, it is from that dad-blame cookbook. I don’t really know if that is a cuss word. If it is, I am sorry. I think they said it on Little House on the Prairie. (I was a big fan.)

Anyways, I waiver between being fine with not owning it and thinking that I’m going to hunt it down and get it. I know this sounds neurotic, but if you only knew the amount of recipes I have had to write down with a pen from this book. It’s over. I have to get it. I wrote the last one down today.

It is a devilish kind of creation that is wonderful. I made it for our first Bible study group from church tonight, and just to spite my sister-in-law and the rest of the family (all in good fun I assure you), I am sharing it with you too! I’m sorry to tell you that I forgot to take a before-we-ate-almost-the-whole-cake photo. (Scroll to the bottom for the recipe. Please make for many people so you can share.) Here is what remains of it:

You can tell this has all been in jest because it never occurred to my brain to search for the cookbook on the internets. I added that ‘s’ because I felt like a country bumpkin writing that sentence. What is a bumpkin?

Anyways, hearts are always at peace when they live in contentment. From a book (Serve God, Save the Planet: A Christian Call to Action)
I read a few years ago, I remember some advice. If you really want something (or think you need it), wait a month. If you really need it, you will need it still (plus you might’ve saved the money for it). If you don’t really need it, you might have forgotten about it. So, that’s what I will do. This seems silly over a cookbook, but we’ve used this for major purchases too. It does seem to ward off unnecessary accumulation. Oftentimes, while I’m waiting, God will provide what we needed without purchase. It happens a lot. I’m continually amazed at how God cares for all of us.

Continuing to count, today I offer thanks to God for these gifts:

373. Cookbooks I do have:

The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Recipes from an Accidental Country Girl
Simply in Season Expanded Edition (World Community Cookbook)
More-With-Less Cookbook (World Community Cookbook)
Extending the Table: A World Community Cookbook

374. luxuries like pound cake

375. Yoga…making me stronger and more lively

376. husband who jumps up and down inside the recycling bin so that I can fit more

377. my brave girls who ride horses really fast

378. The way of contentment

379. Health and wellness

380. this red desk I am writing on

381. the 1st grader’s tooth that can turn all the way around but still hang on

382. Watching our small group take turns on the zip line

383. family members who push me to take risks

Whipping Cream Pound Cake

1 Cup Butter!

3 Cups Sugar

6 Large Eggs

1 Cup Heavy Whipping Cream

1/4 teaspoon Cream of Tartar

2 teaspoons Vanilla

3 Cups Cake Flour

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Beat butter until creamy. Add sugar, and beat some more. I used an electric mixer. Add in eggs, beat in between. Combine whipping cream, cream of tartar, vanilla in a small bowl. Smell it! Alternately add in the flour and the cream mixture mixing until smooth. Grease and flour a bundt pan, and pour in cake mix. Bake 1 hour to 1 hour 10 minutes. Cool in pan and then on wire rack. Drizzle on glaze while still warm.

Glaze Recipe

1 1/2 cups Powdered Sugar

2 tablespoons Water

1/2 teaspoon Vanilla

1/3 cup Heath Toffee Chips

Here’s the the infamous cookbook. Check it out! Oh, and don’t tell me you already have it. Grr.


2 thoughts on “The Cookbook I Don’t Have…

  1. You are funny! We love Little House too:) They do say some unique things:) I have been wanting the Pioneer cookbook! Have you seen her cooking show? I follow her blog too. Guess I should wait a month before I get it:) Great list!

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