Brown Furry Slippers and My Valentine

My breath stinks, and my foot can’t quite find the other furry brown slipper as I wrench myself out of the warm bed covers. He still lays there…pretending it isn’t  6:45 already. I stumble down the hall opening girl-room doors and turning on lights. I try to make my voice cheerful as I call for the girls to wake up.

I uncrate the young dog, and she goes to wake up the old one. She doesn’t like to go outside alone.

I’m rinsing the coffee maker and making new, and I turn. I knew there would be a treat for me. As much as my dear husband loathes commercialism telling him to love me, he still makes an effort. I am thankful for the chocolate and the sweet note, and I know it cost him to go to the store last night after he finished helping one girl with a science fair proposal and another with the actual project. This after our Bible study church group left at 8:20pm.

I thank him as he emerges, and he says, “I wanted to get you flowers, but they were all crap.” Both of us ran through the 13th not thinking about the 14th. We rush kids along to eat breakfast, brush teeth, get shoes. I braid hair, I give him a quick kiss, and we all run out the door. I return to the quiet house rendered messy by the morning routine, and I consider my valentine Love.

I really, really like chocolate, but what I need is already met every day. The valentines he gives me daily may not be sexy (well, sometimes), but they are true love.

So, I am counting the gifts today and thanking God for all my husband gives me such as (#384-397):

Taking time to help girls with homework and projects…oh, the hours.

Hearing them enjoy working together.

Remodeling our home.

Him (even in my slippers) telling our daughters (amid cries of Gross, DAD!) that I’m one hot Mom.

Opening his life to marginalized people.

Rubbing my feet most nights.

Working hard.

Coaching kids horseback for hours.

Always being willing to help others.

Do all the yardwork.

Loving God. Giving the work of God his life.

Knowing countless random facts. Entertainment for hours.

Listening close…trying hard to just listen.

Bringing calm to my fuss.

Thanks be to God for this husband of mine.

PS: Sorry for the cheeseball post, but after all, it is Valentine’s Day.


4 thoughts on “Brown Furry Slippers and My Valentine

  1. I love you, too. Thanking God for you today:

    For being a deep well

    For being my partner in this adventure called “life”

    For giving so much to so many

    For using your incredible gifts for the good of the church and the “whole”

    For warm embraces on a cold night

    For loving me, warts and all

    For looking deeper and helping me go there, too

    For making me better than I could ever be on my own

    For being patient when remodeling projects drag on

    For the amazing way you keep our household running

    For believing in me…sometimes I don’t know why!

    For being my Valentine on the other 364 days that aren’t a designated, commercialized holiday.

  2. I almost feel like I shouldn’t comment, like I’m intruding on your love letter to each other, but it’s just so sweet, knowing you both before you were even together, doing ministry with you both, watching God grow you so much in those early years, then watching God bring you together. It would be so fun to reconnect with y’all some day and meet your girls, but until then, I enjoy reading about your adventures together and “seeing” your continued faithfulness to God, and to each other. Yes, my husband and I aren’t much for the commercialized holiday either. So much of our life is just partnering together and meeting the needs of our family together, the dailyness of life which can be so exhausting, yet the Father gives us the strength to do it and a loving companion to do life with.

    • Thank you Kelly! I enjoy virtually keeping up with you too! Those were good times, weren’t they? They were times of intense growth. Blessings on your dailyness.

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