On Foolery

How quickly our sap turns into snappy.

When it gets sharp around your house, are you part of the cutting?

When doubt takes hold of your heart, how does faith take over?

When you find yourself thirsty for some good liturgy, are you like me and realize you’re the one withholding the cup?

When the what if’s begin….what if we are fools after all, what if it’s all for naught, what if we should just disappear into the hypocrisy we are unaware of…., how do you move to the great I AM?

We are fools, I am certain. But probably not for the reasons I am aware of.

Gratitude seems the only place to move into, the only place that I can embrace my foolery and still be God’s. So, I continue counting. And I offer this prayer today for us all:

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on us. Make us fools for you. I know you are there…..still holding out your hand. We will be brave fools and hold out our hand as well to grab yours and keep open our other hand. What else is there, really? Descent is for fools and we long for the descent. Let this week be the beginning of the descent into the greatest foolery of all…sacrifice, selflessness, discipline. Amen.

398. conflict in marriage….hard thanks

399. foolish faith

400. 1 Corinthians 3:18-23

401. daughter hugs

402. calendars

403. baby books

404. remembering

405. braiding hair

406. working out faith here with you

Join me in giving thanks!


5 thoughts on “On Foolery

  1. Amen, “We will be brave fools and hold out our hand as well to grab yours and keep open our other hand.” The bit about probably being fools in ways we’re unaware of also grabbed me.

    Ann’s Monday list, where we are neighbors this week, sent me here. It’s lovely to meet you and learn from your journey. Grace to you in Jesus Christ.

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