Babies, Goats, and Fish Sticks

“It’s like we don’t go to school on Mondays anymore,” my second born commented as we shuffled in the door bleary eyed and confused last night at 11:30pm. Blame that comment on having off for President’s Day last Monday. They did go to school for a little while Monday. We decided mid-morning to road trip to the hospital three hours up the road to be with my sister-in-law. It felt impetuous and fun until we were in the car-all six of us–for a few hours. You know what I’m talking about. We thought we might never get to the hospital. But, we did. Our car was dirtier and our enthusiasm dampened a bit, but we did.

We waited anxiously with them for a few hours. Then their beautiful, red, chubby little boy was born. He is perfect. I wanted to stay there holding him…like forever. Holding him made me want another baby. My mother-in-law saw my face and actually said out loud, “Uh-oh, Katie wants another baby!” My husband glinted at me and gave me a cowboy nod that meant, “Pass that baby on to the next Aunt waiting.”

So, I did, but only because we had to go the three more hours back down the road. Plus our youngest was laying down on the hospital floor saying, “I need to go to bed!” We made it back. I slept the whole way. I tried to stay up to be a lively helpmeet. Oh, well…he’s used to it. Just before I nodded off, I found a voice mail from the school on my phone. It said there was benchmark testing the next day and please make sure your child gets a good sleep and a healthy breakfast and all that. Oops. Car sleep is pretty good, right?

Two goats were also born out at the in-laws ranch yesterday. We went to see them today after school, and they are pretty cute too. The mama goat could use some time on the recovery hospital wing. She is a little harried…and in need of a bath. Sorry.

With all this running around, fish sticks were on the menu tonight. I’m sorry to share that, but VanDeKamps were alright and rose above my low expectations.

It feels like Monday since I was a skipper yesterday, so I offer thanks to God for these wonderful gifts:

407. Fish Sticks

408. new life

409. healthy baby boy

410. day-old goat kids

411. watching the mama goat protect her babies

412. daughters who have flexible attitudes

413. maternal instincts

414. 6-year-old’s eyes when she saw her new cousin

415. this book I’m reading

416. impromptu cook-outs
417. our youngest carrying around a friend’s chicken….petting it like a dog or like she is a chicken whisperer
418. Chocolate Sheet Cake I made for the weekend. Oh, my.

Join me in giving thanks!


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