Hermitage for 6?

A few people I admire and learn much wisdom from are on hermitage right now. I’ve been pondering this a lot. It’s fascinating to me, and it sounds peaceful and heavy at the same time. A hermitage involves quiet, aloneness, time for contemplation and prayer, and no distractions. This is pretty much the opposite of my life. I’m good with that. I like my husband and my kids and I’d like to keep them. Plus, I know that family, loudness, hands-on needs are a big piece of what God has called me to in this season.

I can’t help thinking of the hermitage. Someimes when I am in prayer, I’ll catch myself thinking what a privileged person I am to be able to pray, think and believe. It seems almost an absurd blessing.

The wisdom teachers that I am referring to are single and called to a different life than I am. I’m glad. I pray God speaks to them in a special way during this special time, and that God will help them share the wisdom with all of us. Their time is a gift I know they will not squander.

We are sort of on a group type heritage at our family bayhouse this week. It’s as close as I’ll get to one, and today I have much to be grateful for. I pray that we all-no matter what life season or calling- can take time to see and hear what matters. Most of the time we can be aware with just a little adjustment to our attitude, our priorities, and our selfish tendencies. And then gratefulness swoops in to wrap us all up in it’s softness. We become prayerful. We contemplate. We find peace in solitude or in community.

Thanks be to God for (#431-439):
Kayaks and kids

Absurd blessings

Deep conversation

Cranes, sand pipers, and seagulls

Muddy paws

Card games

Carne Guisada (recipe coming soon)

Cold sea water numbing our toes

Crab pinchers

Join me in giving thanks!


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