This Week

While enjoying the Spring weather, a bird pooped on me. It was just a little poop.

We had a lot of fun making fake wounds. Hey! It was a science assignment. At first all were grossed out. Next thing I knew, everyone wanted a wound. I don’t know what this means.

My old dog only walks on three legs now. It makes me sad. Sometimes we call her Hop-a-long.

I’m feeling hostile towards cliches.

I’m having a “Life Evaluation” kind of week. It happens often for me. It effects my marriage.

Just kidding about the marriage thing. He’s used to it by now. He just says, “Oh, okay. Here we go.”

I picked up Kindergarten registration papers for my youngest. Sniff.

I cheated on my Lenten fast from Facebook. I had several good excuses, but I’m still confessing to you.

I’m feeling a lot of love for you people who take time to read my thoughts.

I’m learning a lot about grief this year.

We have fingernail issues around this joint. Don’t fret. It’s mostly personal opinion issues…only one fungus.

That’s it.

P.S. If you want to make your own fake wounds, here’s the recipe:

1 finger-glob Petrolatum Jelly (Vaseline)

1 pinch Cocoa Powder

4 drops Red Food Coloring

Mix together in a bowl. The instructions said something about using a tissue to glob it on or putting it on a square of tissue and applying the tissue as the wound. This was frustrating. So we just globbed on the mix by itself. Maile worked on her wound for awhile, and hers looked the most real. Have fun!


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