Yellowstone Part 1

In the Summer of 2010, our family took a trip to Yellowstone National Park. This is my experience of the trip.

At the end of the Grand Canyon trip, we had pretty much decided to take the next summer off from camping. This was so individual families could do vacations without all their extended family. This plan got scrapped during the winter months when we were so ready to get away from school and cold and schedules and we started talking about how cool it would be to take the kids to Yellowstone. We were starting to see ourselves as ultimate National Park Explorers. Could we really drive this bunch all the way to Yellowstone? And boy-howdy, if we were going that far, what else should we see? Ideas came popping out of everyone’s mouth: Colorado! Grand Tetons! Frontier Days and rodeo at Cheyenne!! Bears!

Wait, what was that last one?

So, the trip formed slowly. I couldn’t have been happier until they assigned me the trip planner duty again. I agreed, but I handed the hiking book to my husband and said, “I ain’t plannin’ no hikes.” He blinked at me. Then he grabbed the book and headed down the hall.

Looking at the map and being the adventurous peeps that we are, it was hard to narrow down the options. First, we did some research about the dates of the Cheyenne rodeo and Frontier Days. Then we had to decide where we wanted to be in Yellowstone. Then I had to wait on everyone to check their work schedules. It is a process with this many people, but if you’re patient it all eventually rolls together like a lovely sleeping bag or a tent in its bag (not perfect).

When we settled our dates, I began to make reservations. Here is what the final itinerary looked:

July 29th: Depart for Cheyenne Wyoming.

July 31st: Cheyenne Frontier Days; Rodeo begins at 12:45pm!

August 1st-5th: Yellowstone National Park

August 5th-7th: Grand Teton National Park

August 8th: Arrive Home!

We had all the gear, and the kids were pumped. They considered themselves expert campers by now. We only had to wait for July. It seemed far when we were planning. The closer July came, the longer the drive stretched out before me. There’s something fulfilling in conquering that road. Come with us…

To be continued…


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