The Tree Lives

I’ve been worried about our little pecan tree in the front yard. It is smaller than the one next to it, and it seems vulnerable in the winter. I can’t help but wonder how much larger it would be if we had not experienced a long drought last year. The larger tree has been budding for weeks, and yet the little one stood naked. There was plenty of sun. There was good soil. Most days I would glance hopeful at it especially after rain came, but I couldn’t will it to bud.

Then one morning I saw the little buds coming out.

I exclaimed aloud, “It’s alive! The little tree lives!” The girls glanced over. “Oh, yeah, Mom, it has little green things,” Lydia said.

I didn’t believe it would come back to life. I confessed this to them. I was worried about it. “It did, Mama,” the little one assured. Isn’t Spring a miracle? Why are miracles hard to believe in? They truly happen all the time.

We are just looking for something different..maybe. Our eyes don’t see what we need.

I wonder how my soul mirrors that tree at times. I wait for Christ within me to come alive. I compare with others. I wait for the tomb to open. Easter lives on. I want to see the buds. I want to grow. But, sometimes you have to wait bare.

Everything you need is already there. Just wait.

Thanks be to God.


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